About Us


   Since its inception in April 2008, Galeri Ariani has not only become a symbol of premium modest fashion in Malaysia but has evolved into a household name, revolutionizing the hijab industry. Its unique proposition lies in its ability to cater to a diverse clientele, from different age groups to varied household incomes, making ARIANI a universal brand synonymous with both exclusivity and accessibility.

One of ARIANI's most defining attributes is its comprehensive service offering. Its well-trained team ensures that each customer, regardless of age or background, finds a style that complements their personality and fulfills their needs. From helping a young girl find her first hijab to assisting a woman in her prime select the perfect ensemble, ARIANI's commitment to personal service is unmatched.

ARIANI's diverse product range, spanning from the basic to the luxurious, further amplifies its reach. The flagship Ariani Ready-to-Wear (ARTW) line is a testament to the brand's versatility. Launched in 2015, ARTW offers a blend of daily wear and luxury occasion attire, catering to the tastes of modern women who desire sophisticated yet modest fashion. Its ability to resonate with both the young and the mature, the trendy and the traditional, has been pivotal in expanding its nationwide footprint, with six branches serving customers across Malaysia.

Adding a touch of opulence, ARIANI LUXE was launched in 2017. This line redefines luxury in the hijab industry, showcasing premium designer collections adorned with Swarovski stones, intricate lace, and crafted from the finest fabrics like Chiffon, Tulle, French Lace, and Silk. While maintaining an aura of exclusivity, ARIANI LUXE remains accessible, catering to those who seek premium designs without an exorbitant price tag.

Venturing into men's fashion in 2023, ARIANI introduced ARYAN, further solidifying its commitment to serving a diverse customer base. ARYAN's comprehensive range, from children's sizes to adult attire, underscores ARIANI's mission to be a one-stop destination for families, especially during festive occasions like Eid.

What truly sets ARIANI apart from its competitors is its dual identity as both a mass and premium brand. While its products are widespread and cater to a broad demographic, there is no compromise on quality, style, or the essence of modesty. This unique blend of mass appeal with a premium touch has positioned ARIANI as a one-of-a-kind hijab center in Malaysia, a beacon of style, modesty, and accessibility for all