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ARIANI is a Malaysian based premium brand. We are launched in June 2015. A prominent brand that has started off with the iconic” Awning tuning "and was built on a strong foundation among the headscarf-wearing crowd. Ariani has always been known for its tasteful head coverings which is fashion forward, yet maintain the image and ethos of Muslim compliance. Thus, creating a perfect balance between style and function.


Our products are designed and built upon three elements; Exclusivity, Modesty and Contemporary. As a brand connected with JAKEL, ARIANI sets itself apart from other brands, armed with a better understanding of fabrics which work for the Malaysian climate. ARIANI focus on various colours, textures and prints to produce unique, modern, sophisticated and elegant products.


As the forefront of modest fashion brand, ARIANI strives to maintain the balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on beliefs. Each product is tailored for perfection to fit our client’s demand.  ARIANI went through such great length in understanding the demands and preferences of our customers thus producing a fresh, original and modern ideas align with the latest fashion trend.



Known as a one stop center for all your Muslimah wear needs, ARIANI has something to offer for any occasions. ARIANI’s team are well-trained and ready to assist you in finding the perfect style that suits your personality. We are proud to say that ARIANI is the first to offer a complete range of modest products for your everyday looks.